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Cathedral Chapel is committed to offering students a 21st Century education that includes access to the best technology and educational resources available.  This year we have added Skills Tutor and Nettrekker to our curriculum resources. Brainpop is now offered to all students 24/7. Flocabulary will be offered at all levels. Each classroom will either offer a bank of iPads for learning centers or 1:1 iPad usage. 

Our teachers are part of a professional learning community and participate in regular, ongoing professional development to stay current on technology issues and resources that enable them to integrate technology into the classrooms.  Every year, funds are earmarked for technology and invested in educational software and hardware. 

In 2011, the school electric system was completely upgraded and wireless 4G internet installed. Every classroom is equipped with a laptop, LCD projector, smart board technology, document camera, and a minimum of six iPads-each loaded with educational apps for student use. We have a full-time computer teacher and a state-of-the art computer lab equipped with Apple computers where students learn skills in formal classes twice a week. Students in 4th through 8th are provided individual clickers, so that everyone can interact in lessons, answer questions anonymously, and teachers can adjust lessons immediately to better serve the students.  

Cathedral Chapel is part of the Los Angeles Archdiocese C3 Technology pilot program. The goal of the program is to offer students 1:1 technology access.  Currently every sixth grade student is provided with an iPad. In August of 2012, the class of 2015 will receive iPads. By 2013, every junior high student will have an iPad for use at home and school.

Interactive web-based resources are available to every student. These include Brainpop, Quizhub, and Discovery Education virtual science labs.  In August of 2012, students will also have access to SkillsTutor, Flocabulary, netTrekker, and Compass Learning software.

Each year the school holds a fundraiser for technology. The funds from that fundraiser are immediately invested in software, hardware, and resources that enable our students to grow and achieve at a higher level. We are proud of what we are able to offer our students and continue to seek out ways to engage our students in the learning process and offer them the best education possible.  

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